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PhD study at Oka-laboratory
We welcome excellent international doctoral course students with scholarships of their countries. Please apply to the Cooperative Major in Nuclear Energy of graduate school of advanced science and engineering of faculty of science and engineering of Waseda University. Oka-laboratory can also accept the graduate students of Applied physics department of the same graduate school as CMNE.

The instructions of the thesis study are given in English. Japanese language skills are not required for the research. Taking classroom lectures is not required, if the students obtained master's degree in their countries.

Waseda University is ranked 4th in the world-university rankings in the number of CEOs of global companies. The number of international students of Waseda University is the largest in Japan. The students enjoy the infrastructures supporting their study and stay.
Please find the international admission office;
Please find the admission information of special scholarship programs such as CSC scholarship;
We already had applications of the graduate students with the CSC scholarship for PhD study.
PhD study of CMNE, Waseda university

Master course study at Oka-laboratory
CMNE has not yet opened the classroom lectures in English, but the Departments of Faculty of Science and Engineering offer some lectures in English. International students without Japanese language skills can take the lectures for the credits of master's degree. Please apply to Applied Physics Department of Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering for the study. The thesis study for master's degree will be made at Oka-laboratory. Instructions will be given in English. No Japanese language skill is necessary for the thesis study. We welcome excellent international graduate students with scholarships of their countries. International students with Japanese language skills can apply to CMNE. Please find special admission programs of Waseda university for the international students.