List of Talks (International only) 

  1. Exterior algebraic shifting of cyclic polytopes and stacked polytopes

  2. Maximal Betti numbers of an ideal with a given Hilbert function and with a given regularity

  3. Algebraic shifting and strongly edge decomposable spheres

  4. On the componentwise linearity of lex ideals in projective toric rings

  5. H-vectors of simplicial complexes and Serre's conditions

  6. Regularity of Canonical and Deficiency modules for Monomial ideals

  7. Bier spheres, polarization and Alexander duality

  8. Face vectors of simplicial cell decompositions of manifolds

  9. H-vectors of simplicial cell balls

  10. Lefschetz properties and face vectors

  11. Stacked triangulations and face numbers

  12. cd-index for CW-posets

  13. Squarefree P-module and its applications

  14. Tight triangulations and graded Betti numbers

  15. Balanced generalized lower bound inequality for simplicial polytopes

  16. A Lefschetz property for barycentric subdivisions

  17. Average of polyhedral Morse inequalities and graded Betti numbers

  18. A duality of Buchsbaum rings and triangulated manifolds

  19. Face numbers and the fundamental groups

  20. h-vectors and the numbers of generators of fundamental groups