The 2nd Meeting on Spatial Graph Theory

July 1st - 2nd, 2019

Waseda University, Tokyo, JAPAN

Waseda University, Waseda Campus
Building No. 7,  2nd floor, Room 206 ( July 1st )
Building No. 16, 5th floor, Room 503 ( July 2nd )

Time schedule:

July 1st, Monday (Building No. 7,  2nd floor, Room 206 (Waiting room: 203) )

13:50-14:00    Welcoming orientation

14:00-15:30    1st Session (Chair: Kouki Taniyama (Waseda University) )

         Seungsang Oh (Korea University)
         Growth rate of quantum knot mosaics

         Yuka Kotorii (RIKEN / Osaka University)
         On link-homotopy classes of 4-component links and clasper presentations
         (Joint work with Atsuhiko Mizusawa (Waseda University) )

         Sungjong No (Pukyong National University)
         Petal presentations and petal numbers of some torus knots

15:30-16:00    Coffee break (Photo time)

16:00-17:30    2nd Session (Chair: Thomas Mattman (California State University, Chico) )

         Shosaku Matsuzaki (Takushoku University)
         Compact surfaces in the 3-sphere and its coloring invariants

         Hwa Jeong Lee (Dongguk University - Gyeongju)
         Grid diagram for singular knots

         Hyungkee Yoo (Korea University)
         The lattice embedding of theta-curve and handcuff graph with small lattice stick number

July 2nd, Tuesday  (Building No. 16, 5th floor, Room 503 (Waiting room: 6th floor, 609) )

10:30-12:00    3rd Session (Chair: Seungsang Oh (Korea University) )

         Tomo Murao (University of Tsukuba)
         On non-isotopic tunnels for handlebody-knots

         Hyoungjun Kim (Ewha Womans University)
         Minor minimal intrinsically chiral graphs

         Thomas Mattman (California State University, Chico)
         Intrinsic linking and knotting are arbitrarily complex in directed graphs

12:00    Closing                            

The speaker will give 25-min talk and 5-min Q&A.

Internet access:
The eduroam wireless LAN connection is available.

Seungsang Oh (Korea University, Korea)
Kouki Taniyama (Waseda University, Japan)