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【Riukuaita-リウクアイタ-】:H=720㎜,W=300㎜D=270㎜/ブナ材 /1035g

Designer: Taishi Watanabe / Craftsman: 有限会社大向建装 鈴木幸次

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* Since this product is made to order, it will take about 20 business days for it to arrive after the order and remittance are completed. We will inform you of the exact shipping time after the purchase is completed. Please be careful when considering purchasing.
* We use solid beech wood. Please be careful not to get injured by dropping.
* Beech wood is easily corroded and cannot be used around water. In addition, it is a material whose color changes depending on the method of use and location.
* Please note that the surface of the product may have scratches such as small scratches and spots that cannot be shown in the image, but it will be unavoidable in the work process.
* This product does not have any accessories. Please purchase other than the following products separately.
* This product is not manufactured assuming the load of a chair or the like. please note


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