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Xover statue

Xover Products logo shows a moment in time when a monkey is trying to find a function in an ordinary piece of stone lying around.
Depending on the intention of the monkey in that moment, it can remain a natural object or it can be used as a tool.
We aim to design "ambiguous solids" that induce function while focusing on this potential.

Xover Productsのロゴマークは、“初めて人間になる猿”が転がっている何でもない石礫に機能を見出そうとしている瞬間を示しています。
Xover Productsでは、その可能性に焦点を当てながら機能を持つ直前の「曖昧な立体」をデザインすることを目指します。


Xover is a design that crosses all four of Borders, Technologies (Fields), Functions, and Production System. As a project, we have given it three frameworks: Xover-Architecture, Xover-Houses, and Xover-Products.

Xover-Products will focus on technologies in particular among the four listed above.
Xover-Products is an experiment in incorporating non-architectural technologies into Architecture and Houses, and we would like to provide you with

"ambiguous solids" that have functions created by crossing technologies.

When these "ambiguous solids" interact with existing spaces, they will create spaces that are different from the conventional ones.

The "" symbol used in Xover logo is derived from the forging nails used in Horyu-ji temple five-storied, the oldest existing wooden structure in Japan. These forging nails were almost the first "ambiguous solids" in Japan, made by craftsmen who made swords and ritual objects at that time using their own techniques. Horyu-ji temple five-storied has been standing for more than 1000 years because of these forging nails. The symbol of two intersecting forging nails represents the philosophy of Xover-Products, which aims to cross nationalities, technologies, craftsmen, and production systems to deliver "ambiguous solids" just before they have functions.


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